Lecture Notes on Business and Economics of ICT

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Lecture Notes on Business and Economics of ICT edited by Antonio Palmiro Volpentesta

ISBN 978-88-97181-26-2; pp.232; 2013


Preface and acknowldgements; CHAPTER 1: FUNDAMENTALS: BUSINESS, ECONOMICS, TECHNOLOGY AND ORGANIZATIONS (Economics, Economy and Business • Data, Information, and Knowledge • Business and Organization • Organization); CHAPTER 2: KNOWLEDGE AND BUSINESS (DIKW: Data, Information, Knowledge and Wisdom • The double nature of knowledge • Knowledge, people and context • Epistemological dimension of knowledge • The SECI model • Business Knowledge (BK) • Business Knowledge Management); CHAPTER 3: KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT: KNOWLEDGE VALUE AND KNOWLEDGE MARKETS (Introduction • Knowledge value • The knowledge resource • Measuring Knowledge • Knowledge exchange and trading • Knowledge Markets); CHAPTER 4: KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT: ORGANIZATIONAL AND MANAGERIAL PERSPECTIVES (Introduction • Knowledge management • The knowledge chain model • KMS: an organizational perspective  • KMS: a managerial perspective); CHAPTER 5: BUSINESS ECONOMICS AND ORGANIZATION: A HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE (Preindustrial economy • Industrial economy • Post-industrial economy • Business, knowledge and innovation: looking through the lens of economic theories • The Knowledge perspective in the post-industrial phase  • Innovation as key factor in business competition • Business innovation); CHAPTER 6: BUSINESS ECONOMICS AND ORGANIZATION: THE EMERGENGE OF E-BUSINESS (Production paradigms evolution • Craft production • Lean manufacturing • Agile manufacturing • Economics issues • Net Economy and E-business ); CHAPTER 7: NET ECONOMY: THE ECONOMIC IMPACT OF THE INTERNET (Introduction • Net Economy effects. • Metcalfe's law • The economic impact of the Internet); CHAPTER 8 : NET ECONOMY: TECHNOLOGIES, MARKETS AND STRATEGIES (Introduction • Network platform • Externalities and new platform diffusion • Advancing rates of technology • The technology strategy problem   • Rival technologies and standards); CHAPTER 9: ICT INDUSTRY (Introduction • A short history of ICT industry • ICT industry models • The ICT industry structure continuum • The software Industry • ICT service business models • Software Economy • The software choice (user side) • Closed Source Software); CHAPTER 10 : INTERNET BUSINESS MODELS (Internet Business Models (or e-Business Model) • Model’s components • E-business model typologies)



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