Technologies for Integrated River Basin Management 42

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Technologies for Integrated River Basin Management - Tecniche per la Difesa del Suolo e dall’Inquinamento - Volume 42

edited by G. Frega e F. Macchione

ISBN 978-88-97181-83-5; pp. 354; anno 2021

ISSN 2282-5517

HYDROLOGY FOR FLOOD HAZARD ANALYSIS: Flood peaks theoretically derived distribution based on GEV distributed annual maximum rainfall and variable contributing area - A. Gioia, K. Kochanek, M. Fiorentino, I. Markiewicz, V. Totaro, V. Iacobellis · Hydrological simulation using a bivariate approach based on copulas for the assessment of inundation risk scenarios downstream of flood control reservoirs - A. Candela, G. T. Aronica · An operational meteo-hydrological forecasting system for the Calabria region - G. Mendicino, A. Senatore, L. Furnari, A. De Rango · Estimation of flood waves in river sections upstream of a gauging station using an efficient stochastic optimization method - M. G. Tanda, V. Todaro, M. D’Oria · Coupling hydrological and hydrodynamic approaches for flood hazard studies at basin scale - M. Lombardo, M. Fiorentino, A. Gioia, V. Iacobellis, F. Macchione · Predictive flood impact modelling based on hydrologic And hydraulic reconstruction of the October 2015 flood event in Ponte Valentino (BN, Italy) - N. Fontana, G. Marini, R. Zollo, G. De Martino ·FLOOD RISK ASSESSMENT: HYDRAULIC ASPECTS: Assessment of flood hazard induced by levee breaches in the middle Po Valley - S. Dazzi, P. Mignosa, M. Pianforini, F. Bertuzzi, R. Vacondio · The role of sediment transport in flood risk management: the study case of the Cancello Creek - F. Coscarella, N. Penna, R. Gaudio · Design, codes and standards developement in Italy for levees - F. Colleselli, L. Da Deppo· Flood hazard assessment across large floodplains through machine-learning blends of geomorphic descriptors A. Magnini, M. Lombardi, A. Castellarin · Dimensionless analysis of dam-breach flood wave attenuation along a river - F. Macchione, A. A. Graziano, D. Ferraro ·Monitoring rill and ephemeral gully erosion by Structure From Motion (SFM) technique - V. Ferro, V. Pampalone · Modeling large wood transport in semi-congested regime with multiple entry points - S. Sibilla, E. Persi, G. Petaccia, S. Meninno, A. Armanini · Experimental approach to assess waste containers stability during pluvial flooding events - M. Gómez, J. Tellez-Alvarez, B. Russo, E. Martínez-Gomariz ·HYDROGEOLOGICAL, GEOLOGICAL AND GEOTECHNICAL ASPECTS IN BASIN SCALE MANAGEMENT: A geotechnical approach for landslide analysis at basin scale - M. Ciurleo, M.C. Mandaglio, N. Moraci · Sustainable management of the Nile delta coastal aquifer - I. Abd-Elaty, F. Chidichimo, M. De Biase, S. Straface · The reconstruction of the “Devil bridge” in the canyon of Raganello River (Civita-Cs) - A. Guerricchio, R. Mastromattei · Characterization of large-scale spatial patterns of emerging contaminants supported by a Geographic Information System Platform - A. Manzoni, M. Riva, G. M. Porta, A. Guadagnini · Simulation of the water table behavior in unconfined aquifers by global atmospheric datasets P. Bongioannini Cerlini, L. Silvestri, M. Saraceni, S. Meniconi, B. Brunone · WATER RESOURCES: QUALITATIVE AND QUANTITATIVE ASPECTSCovid  lockdown effects on residential daily water demand patterns in Campania regionC. Tricarico, G. De Marinis · Interactions between surface and subsurface in the water resources management: the case of the plain between Brenta and Piave - T. Trentin, G. Mazzarotto, P. Salandin · Sustainable management of Mediterranean water resources faced with the impacts of societal and climate change - U. Fratino · Original Advanced Metering Infrastructure (Origami) M. Maiolo, M. A. Bonora, G. Capano, M. Carini, M. Iusi, D. Pantusa, S. Sinopoli · URBAN DRAINAGE: QUALITATIVE AND QUANTITATIVE ASPECTS: Remarks on the design of anaerobic digesters - G. Iannelli · Hydro-morphic analysis of urban basins changes and hydrological response assessmentthe case study of the city of Matera - A. Sole, R. Ermini, N.M. Notarangelo, L. Mancusi, R. Albano · Impact of future scenarios on the urban runoff production - G. Grossi, F. Berteni, A. Dada, P. Leoni · Experimental analysis on the soil substrate of a green wall system -  P. Piro, A. C. Brusco, M. Turco, S. A. Palermo, B. Pirouz · Stormwater effects on receiving waterbody quality and mitigation - G. Viviani, G. Mannina · Nutrients recovery from wastewater through struvite precipitation. Theoretical principles and technological aspects - C. Limonti, G. M. Curcio, A. Siciliano ·CLIMATIC AND HYDRAULIC ASPECTS IN COASTAL DEFENSE AND MANAGEMENT: Effects of global warming in the Mediterranean Sea - D. De Padova, M. Mossa · Coastal sand dune consolidation with a low environmental impact solution - E. Leone, A. Francone, C. Cherubini, F. D’alessandro, G. R. Tomasicchio · An integrated approach for coastal risk assessment: traditional methodologies and social perception - M. F. Bruno, A. Saponieri, G. Motta Zanin, A. Barbanente, L. Damiani · Evaluation of extreme sea states by integrating experimental data with the results of weather and wave models - F. Reale, F. Dentale, P. Furcolo, A. Di Leo, E. Pugliese Carratelli · Scenario-based decision support systems for real-time management of water resourecs systems at basin district scale - C. Arena, M. Cannarozzo, M. R. Mazzola · Wave climate along Calabrian coast - G. Barbaro, G. Besio, G. Foti, G. C. Barillà, P. Mancuso, P. Puntorieri · A methodologic approach to the evaluation of sediment balance at the watershed outlet and related shoreline evolutive trend in Mediterranean area through erosion models integration - G. Bombino, D. D'agostino, A. Nucera, A. Romolo, S. M. Zimbone · INTERSECTION BETWEEN RIVER BASIN MANAGEMENT AND CULTUREWater engineering into probable context of knowledge integration - R. Ermini, A. Sanchirico, M. Fiorentino · Water and land slow ways between the Adriatic and the Tyrrhenian sea: project for the enhancement and research of an immense Unesco heritage - L. Ubertini, F. Russo · Soil conservation and culture: two coupled concepts G. C. Frega, M. Falace, F. Frega ·Historical dignity of minor rivers. Tribute to the young queen Isabella of Aragon on the 750th anniversary of her death in the castle of Cosenza - F. Macchione 



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